Katherine Fawcett

Brackendale, BC Based Author of
The Little Washer of Sorrows


French Edition Available Now

La petite lavandier de chagrin is the Francophone translation of
The Little Washer of Sorrows. The cover is very different from
the English version. Then again, so are all those words.

Brush up on your French with this book about mermaids, Sirens,
goddesses and really bad high school teachers.


The Little Washer of Sorrows

Released in Jan 2015.
"Fawcett juxtaposes realistic aspects of our
quotidian world with magical and unexpected
events and elements."


The Little Washer of Sorrows was shortlisted for the 2016 Sunburst Awards for Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic in the Adult Fiction Category!

Visit the Sunburst Award Society for more details.
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