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A Whistler Bear Story, 2009
Published by Get Bear Smart
ISBN: 978-0-9813813-0-5

This is a book about living in a community with bears, co-authored with photographer Sylvia Dolson.


Whistler is a ski town, a mountain biking mecca, an Olympic destination and a world-renowned mountain playground. It s also home to some of the most awe-inspiring animals on earth: black bears. In A Whistler Bear Story, you ll meet the real black bears of Whistler — Jeanie, Katie, Marissa, Fitz and Slip among others. They den near our favourite ski runs, graze in open meadows under chair lifts, munch on grass on local golf course fairways and devour berries alongside mountain bike trails. And sometimes, to their misfortune, they come into town, raid garbage bins, eat berries in people s yards, and even break into homes and restaurants looking for food. Find out what it s like to live in a town where the animal who inspired constellations, cartoon characters and stuffed toys roams the forests nearby, and learn what the town is doing to minimize human-bear conflict and preserve our fragile coexistence. A Whistler Bear Story features 78 stunning photographs taken by Sylvia Dolson, executive director of Get Bear Smart Society and leader in mitigating human-bear conflicts. Dolson, along with award-winning writer Katherine Fawcett, presents a fascinating historical overview of the human-bear relationship in Whistler and around the world. It s an intriguing story for locals, visitors, and bear-lovers everywhere. Proceeds from the sale of A Whistler Bear Story go toward the Get Bear Smart Society s educational programs.


“An unbeatable combination of incredible photography and thought-provoking writing makes A Whistler Bear Story a rare and magical journey into a world few people know. The adventures and misadventures of the black bears who call Whistler home will make you smile, shake your head, stop and think and sometimes wonder what might have been. Dolson and Fawcett have created a book that’s enlightening, insightful and a joy to read.”
–Linda Masterson, author, Living with Bears. A Practical Guide to Bear Country

“A beautifully illustrated book of bear photographs that tells the real-life stories of Katie, Slip, Jeanie and others as they live their bear lives, doing bear things, in a bear habitat shared with humans in Whistler. This book is a well-written addition to the library of any reader who cares about the bears that live among us.”
–Else Poulsen, author of Smiling Bears

“A Whistler Bear Story is a must-read for anyone who has ever caught a glimpse of, or encountered this amazing animal and wondered about their lives. With incredible photography and compelling writing, Dolson and Fawcett introduce readers to real bears who call Whistler home. Their life stories and day-to-day antics are delightful, sometimes tragic, and always fascinating. Both beautiful and fact-packed, I loved this book!”
-Lori Homstol, bear biologist, member of Whistler’s Bear Aversion Research Team