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From Joyful Anticipation to Sweet Revenge


Joyful Anticipation is stopping by the Pemberton Library at 4:55 to see what The Little Washer of Sorrows looks like on the shelves of an actual public literature lending institution.

Relief is learning that the library closes at 6:00 on Tuesdays, not 5:00.

Slight Ego Crush is not finding my book on either the Staff Picks, New Releases, or Recommended Reading shelves.

Bummer is not even finding it in the “F” aisle.

Overreaction is heading to the Library Suggestions Box, and planning to stuff it full.

Thrill is going on the library computer and discovering that the book is unavailable because it is already signed out.

Double thrill is seeing that there’s a hold on it.

Optimism is leaving a with an armful of amazing new books so high I can rest my chin on the top one.

Pride is seeing my lovely daughter across the street at the skateboard park, enjoying a beautiful spring afternoon with her friends, just a few days before her twelfth birthday.

Suspicion is watching her duck behind one of the ramps with some punk in a helmet and baggy shorts when she sees me, and hearing her friends squeal with laughter and do the “We have no idea” shrug when I ask them what’s going on.

Sweet Revenge is turning wifi off tonight so we can have peaceful Family Reading Time together.