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18 things you didn’t know about me.

  • I once set fire to my Joy of Cooking book, accidentally.
  • My dog was born with hydrocephalus—water on the brain. She’s eight, but because of her misshapen head, she still looks like a puppy.
  • I used to cover minor hockey for the Canmore Leader newspaper, sports section. I didn’t know a thing about the game and was replaced by a 14-year-old.
  • I was Student Council President at my high school. I was not voted for, but won by default when the boy who actually won decided he wasn’t interested in the job.
  • When I was seven, I painted Fuck Off on my play-house because I thought it was the grown-up way of saying Please Keep Out.
  • I was once an extra on the TV show Psych.
  • The thing I look forward to most about summer is Fiddle Camp on Salt Spring Island.
  • Pinball Wizard by The Who starts running through my head every time I ski.
  • I fell asleep driving in Montana, rolled my car down into a ravine, landed upside-down on train tracks, and was pulled from the wreckage by a veterinarian.
  • I once lived in Japan and could speak adequate Japanese. Now I am good at ordering sushi.
  • The first real concert I attended was The Stray Cats in Calgary. I learned not to wear sweaters to concerts.
  • Things I could happily live without: cotton batten, olives, Twitter and mosquitoes.
  • Things I don’t want to live without: CBC radio, my piano, trail running and pear cider.
  • I dated a guy purely for the Scrabble.
  • I am a competitive marshmallow roaster.
  • I met my husband twenty years ago when I was assigned to interview him. The article referred to his beautiful eyes and his sweet laugh. It was supposed to be about mountain bike racing.
  • When I was ten I wore braces—including head-gear—glasses, and a patch for my lazy eye.
  • Blueberry pie. Always, blueberry pie.

Please read An Interview with Katherine Fawcett, by Liz Matthews as featured in Slice Magazine to learn more about me!

Award Recognition

  • 2008 Winner; Federation of BC Writers for Movers and Shakers (published in WordWorks)
  • 2008 Winner; Whistler Writes creative non-fiction award for Sophie’s Cappuccino Bar
  • 2009 Winner; EVENT Magazine, Creative Non-Fiction Contest for Asleep at the Wheel (a revised version of the story was also published in Readers’ Digest Canada)
  • 2009 Nominee; National Journalism Award in the category of Personal Journalism for Asleep at the Wheel
  • 2009 Finalist, Burnaby Writers Society “Lost and Found” contest for Plain Carelessness
  • 2009 Short-listed; Writers’ Union of Canada, writing for Children contest for Sometimes at Night
  • 2009 Finalist; Writers Union of Canada, writing for Children contest for Mountain Music
  • 2010 Honourable Mention; Freefall Magazine, for Cannonball
  • 2010 Winner; Pique Newsmagazine “Summer of Funny” contest for Swimming to Johnny Depp Pique Newsmagazine
  • 2011 Long-listed; CBC Short Story Contest, for Bounty
  • 2011 Honourable Mention; Other Voices, for Lucky Mike
  • 2011 Published; SubTerrain, Lunch Date
  • 2011 Short-listed, EVENT Creative non-fiction contest, for Freak Show
  • 2012 Long-listed; Exile, for Suburban Wolf
  • 2012 Short-listed, EVENT Creative non-fiction contest, for Promo Girl !
  • 2014 Long-listed, Exile’s Vanderbilt/CVC Short Fiction competition for Lenny and the Polyamphibians
  • 2015 Long-listed, PRISM International Creative Non-Fiction Contest, for Sentencing
  • 2016 Shortlisted for the Sunburst Award for Excellence in Canadian Fiction of the Fantastical
  • 2016 Winner of Geist Magazine’s CanLit short fiction contest for “Category: Performance Art”
  • 2016 Shortlisted for the ReLit Award for The Little Washer of Sorrows
  • 2017 Winner of Comedy Quickies Audience Favorite, for the script “Release Agreement”
  • 2017 Shortlisted for Exile Magazine’s Carter V. Cooper Short Fiction contest for “The Pull of Old Rat Creek”

Literary Magazine Appearances

  • Wordworks (2008) Movers and Shakers
  • Event (spring 2009) Asleep at the Wheel
  • Freefall (spring/summer 2010) Cannonball
  • subTerrain (spring 2011) Lunch Date
  • Other Voices (fall 2011) Lucky Mike (this story was retitled Scratching Silver Linings)
  • CVC7 Anthology (2017) The Pull of Old Rat Creek
  • Grain Magazine (Winter 2018) Happy?

Playwriting Credits

  • Release Agreement (Comedy Quickies, 2017)
  • Black Market Pink (Comedy Quicies, 2015)
  • The Crazy Canuck and the Psychic (2013)
  • The Bear Lady (2013)
  • Off Piste (The Chairlift Revue, 2011 and 2012)
  • Knowing Sara (The Chairlift Revue 2010)